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Our Story

We spend approximately one third of our lives asleep. We Canadians believe in working hard and at the end of the day, we deserve a good night’s sleep. This is Prime Sleep’s goal.

We are fortunate to source Made-In-Canada products, helping the Canadian economy and the environment. We understand the overwhelming task to choose the right mattress in today’s unlimited market, so we conduct market research and select the right products for you. We then simplify your sleep process by providing free shipping.

Prime Sleep firmly believes the price of your mattress should reflect its quality and longevity, not flashy marketing campaigns or expensive showrooms. That’s why our mattresses are the most affordable in today’s market.

We will continue to supply the best mattresses possible, so you can have the best sleep possible. Thank you for choosing Prime Sleep.

Our suppliers' manufacturing process enables them to design mattresses and pillows superior in comfort, with you in mind.

Research & Design

It's our suppliers' business to know everything about mattresses and pillows. They do their technical and market research to ensure that Prime Sleep's mattresses and pillows include the best features available in the market.


Our suppliers only use the highest grade CertiPUR certified foams and breathable fabric to make long lasting durable mattresses and pillows, safe for you and your environment.


Prime Sleep mattresses are made in Canada with the specialized ingenuity of Canadians.


Our distribution system is always quick, efficient and reliable.

Proudly Canadian

We believe our customers prefer to support local businesses and want products that are environmentally sustainable. Prime Sleep mattresses fits the bill on all counts.