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Comfort Guarantee

Try us for 90 nights. If you're not completely satisfied, we will be happy to exchange your mattress.

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10 Year Warranty

Put your mind at ease and sleep worry-free with our 10-Year factory warranty.

The Very Best In Sleep, Comfort & Support

Why is Prime Sleep Better?

Every mattress across our portfolio is a result of longstanding sleep innovation with comfort and quality in mind.

Adaptive and Conforming

Layers of Memory Foam offer advanced pressure point relief to eliminate restlessness and provide a more peaceful sleep.

Motion Isolation

Our High Density memory foam layers reduce motion transfer, resulting in a night of undisturbed rest.

Enhanced Weight Distribution

All of our mattress' support systems are designed for all-over body support and long-lasting comfort.

Highly Breathable Comfort

Experienced cool, dry and breathable comfort as a result of with our latest air flow technology. Cooling gel is infused directly into a breathable foam designed to promote airflow and heat dissipation.

Proudly Canadian

Made In Canada. Most of us understand the significance of these three words, and Prime Sleep is no exception. We take pride in helping to create jobs and increase economic activity.

Research & Innovation

Our suppliers continuously challenge themselves to build better products that ensure a perfect night's sleep. Our brands, Serta and Beautyrest, embody the same "Dare to Dream Differently" spirit. At their research centers, Sleep Scientists work tirelessly to develop world-leading innovations. Our sourced mattresses are built to last longer and are backed by a 10-Year Factory Warranty.

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Our Commitment to Consumers and Environmental Sustainability

We constantly strive to attain the highest standards in everything we do. You can depend on us in continuously conducting market research to select innovative sleep solutions for you, while ensuring environmental sustainability and our social responsibilities.

  • * Most of the fabrics used in our mattress covers meet the STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX® for manufacturing without the use of harmful substances, including cover fabrics made from natural bamboo and/or pure organic cotton.
  • * Our suppliers use latex made from a natural/synthetic latex blend that is naturally anti-microbial and allergen resistant. It is made to the STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX® level for manufacturing without the use of harmful substances.
  • * All of our foams are made without the use of PBDE flame-retardants, CFCs, lead, mercury, prohibited phthalates, and other potentially harmful materials. Soy-based foams are used in multiple product lines.
  • * Our fire retardant barriers are made primarily from cotton or other cellulosic renewable fibers and use no harmful chemicals or processes. *All of our insulator pads are made from virgin recycled garment clips.

Why Our Suppliers Foam is better than Memory Foam

Prime Sleep Foam

Memory Foam


No added pressure

Prime Sleep foam lowers pressure point tension through its open cell structure and its sensitivity to temperature. This allows it to adjust faster to your body, thus promoting comfort and freedom of movement.

Heat-triggered compression

Traditional memory foam uses a combination of body heat and weight to conform itself to the body. This means it needs heat accumulation to relieve pressure points.

Cool as a breeze

Cooling gel is infused directly into a breathable foam designed to promote airflow and heat dissipation.

Too hot to sleep

Traditional memory foam is heat activated. It requires heat to mold to your body's shape, which also means it locks in heat.

Long lasting & durable

Because of the open cell structure and infused cooling technology, Prime Sleep foam is able to maintain its shape and purpose, out-lasting all other mattresses in the market.

Breaks down faster

Heat activated compression of traditional memory foam causes accelerated material breakdown. Over time traditional foam looses its integrity and it does not retain its vitality as Prime Sleep foam does.

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